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Monthly Archives: November 2021

Twenty-year review: The Yanquistador invasion of Afghanistan

By Allah’s mercy, I managed to write up a review of the 2001 Yanquistador invasion of Afghanistan twenty years to the month that they took Kabul. (The invasion itself began in October 2001, with the Taliban emirate ousted from its Kandahar cradle during December 2001, and resistance mopped up over spring 2002). My friends at Afghan Eye obligingly published it.

Afghanistan’s Taliban Movement against Daesh: Three articles (crossposted)

By Allah’s mercy, I had three recent articles published on the same Turkish outlet that pertained to the Afghan Taliban movement and different aspects of its campaign against the regional Daesh Khurasan wing. They can be found here:

Complications that Daesh has in terms of Afghanistan-Pakistan cooperation:

The links between Pakistan’s insurgency of 2007-14 and Daesh:

The conflict between Taliban emirate and Daesh wing since 2014:

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